Performance Coaching & Consultation

As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete and established psychotherapist, Mia will provide you with the opportunity to acquire the skills and support needed to optimize your performance and overall well-being. This service is tailored to individual athletes as well as teams, high school through professional level. You’ve put in the work physically, now you can work with Mia to learn how to take control of your mentality, challenge limiting beliefs that interfere with your output, break through any barriers or performance anxiety, and accomplish your desired goals. Not an athlete but still wanting to learn how to improve your presence in business, performing arts, or other areas? Reach out to inquire about how we can tailor this experience to you.

Take control of your mentality

Challenge Limiting Beliefs 

Break Through Any Barriers 

Accomplish Your Desired Goals

After completing Pivotal Performance, you will:

· Be capable of readily identifying and challenging limiting beliefs  · Master your mindset to increase your performance  · Make significant improvements to your overall well-being  · Enhance your confidence in yourself and your ability that works with you rather than against you  · Evolutionize how you show up, train, compete, and perform  · Level up the quality of the work you produce making you a known presence  · Unleash your highest performance potential  · Create an accelerated path to pursuing and accomplishing your goals     · Gain tools and insight that will yield the potential for ongoing progress and growth to protect you from stagnation, complacency, and burnout.

90 Minute POWER Performance Session

This concentrated time together will guide and fast track you through my evidence-based system to optimize your performance.

12 Week Pivotal Performance Program

This program offers consistent support through weekly sessions over the course of about 3 months. This is an investment in yourself, and your long term success as you progress through the weeks utilizing my evidence-based system. What you get: The Complete Performance Appraisal, The Performance Tracking Card & Weekly 60 minute virtual sessions (inquire for in-person)

6 Week Pivotal Performance Essentials

This program will get you going with the essentials to identify performance blocks and barriers, enhance your mindset, set specific goals, and optimize your performance. What you get: The Complete Performance Appraisal, The Performance Tracking Card and Weekly 60 minute virtual sessions (inquire for in-person)

6 Week Rapid Success Program

This program truly harnesses the power of momentum and will get you on track for rapid success in your desired area. Through consistent support, guidance, and access to Mia's evidence-based system, you're working a complete performance transformation. What you get: The Complete Performance Appraisal, The Performance Tracking Card, Weekly 60 minute session & Weekly on-call Voxer access OR optional 30 minute check in.

Pivotal Performance VIP Day

Limited availability, inquire for more information. 

About Mia's Signature POWER Performance System

Mia has combined her own competitive background with many years of prestigious professional experience to bring you a unique evidence-based system to get you to enhance your mentality and optimize your performance. Take Control & Create your POWER Performance!


Audit your Performance and identify barriers 


Optimize your mind by understanding how it works and how to cope effectively


Build resilience through your Why and rediscovering your motivation 


Empower yourself by becoming your biggest fan


Learn how to set Realistic, tangible and achievable goals

The Best News!

While we may be focused on a specific area of your performance, these are tools and insights that you can apply to every area of your life. After all, we’re always performing, aren’t we?

(Performance Coaching & Consultation) -D. H.

"I recently participated in Mia's 6 week Pivotal Performance Coaching Program. I was struggling with social anxiety, managing life as a new mom and needed some guidance on how to stay on track with my career goals. I knew I needed to prioritize my mental health and when I was presented with this opportunity, I knew it was meant to be. This program definitely made me more self aware of how my emotions impact my actions, and has definitely helped me communicate more effectively in personal and professional settings. I feel more confident and in control of my thoughts and interactions. I was only going to commit to the 6 week program but I have decided to continue the program. I understand that we are all a work in progress and I want to continue to make my mental health a priority."

The Pressure is Relentless, But You Can Be Too!

Pivot away from the anxiety, comparison, and self-doubt towards the highest performing you!

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