Prestigious Lifestyle Consultation

 This mission is to support people in accessing a level of life, satisfaction, and fulfillment they didn't even know was possible. Many times, we limit ourselves without even realizing. Maybe it's comfort, maybe it's that we don't realize we could have more or be happier, or maybe it's fear holding us back. Whatever it may be, We use our knowledge, expertise, and evidence-based interventions to plow through average and achieve the prestigious lifestyle you deserve. We believe that there doesn't need to be something wrong to want more or better for yourself. Get ready to level up with LE Vie.

Business Professionals



Those who will excel in this service:

-Those with ambition and wanting more in life -Business owners or professionals -Feeling stuck or dissatisfied -Desiring change in their lifestyle, health, and well-being -Looking for healthier relationships and environments -Wanting to feel more fulfilled in relationships -Strong preference to feel more content in their family lives -Aspiration to feel more confident in who they are and how they present themselves -Interest in a change of career path or relocating -Inclination to learn more about yourself to create more productivity, satisfaction, and fulfillment  

S. W. - Lifestyle Client

"Working with Mia has been the best coaching/therapy I’ve EVER had. Rather than focusing on how the past is influencing the present, she focuses on where you are now and where you want to be. As a result, I’ve been able to reach my personal and professional goals faster than I ever could have imagined! She brings all the pieces to the table - compassion, business/marking knowledge, spirituality, and humor. She’s officially my “go-to” person anytime I feel I need help!"